Thursday, January 14, 2010

Haiti earthquake relief

Please consider donating to one of the many reputable agencies asking for help for the earthquake vitims in Haiti.

One such agency is Food For the Poor , and you can donate here. I have donated regularly to FFP for over 10 years and they are highly rated by Charity Navigator.

You can also donate through many other agencies, especially those listed here  on Charity Navigator. Also, please read their articles on how to safely donate in times of crisis fundraising.

Please remember to pray for those who have died in the quake, those who are injured, those who are missing and those who are searching for friends and loved ones. Also pray for the rescue workers, that they may have the physical, emotional and spiritual strength to complete their task. May God bless all of them.

Food For the Poor main page:
FFP donation page:
FFP Haiti update page:
Charity Navigator main page:
Charity Navigator Haiti relief page:

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