Monday, November 16, 2009

The Rosary Mysteries-- Part 3

Today we will discuss the Sorrowful Mysteries of the Rosary. These mysteries cover the time from after the last supper to the death of Jesus. They are especially relevant in this month of November as we remember our friends and family who have passed on before us. Knowing that Jesus suffered and died can make the suffering and death of our loved ones a little easier to bear-- they do not suffer alone.

The first sorrowful mystery is the Agony in the Garden. In this mystery we think about the sorrow Jesus felt as he waited for Judas to betray him. Not only Judas' betrayal, but the inability of the disciples who were with him in the garden to stay awake to console him must have hurt him very much. We have all been betrayed by someone close to us at some point in our lives, and Jesus understands this-- go to him with this hurt and he will heal it.  The Scripture passages for this mystery are: Mt 26:36-49, Mk 14:32-42, Lk 22:39-46.

The second sorrowful mystery is the Scourging at the Pillar.  This is when Jesus is scourged by the Roman guards after being questioned by Herod. Jesus suffered in his body to make up for all the sins we would commit. Let us always remember this. Scripture passages: Mk 15:15, Jn 19:1

The third sorrowful mystery is the Crowning with Thorns. The Roman soldiers mock Jesus who has been accused of being "King of the Jews" by giving him a crown, but one made of thorns. We have probably all been pinched by a thorn from a rose and know how painful it can be. Imagine the pain of an entire rose bush worth of thorns being pressed into your head. Would we agree to allow this to happen to us to save someone we love from harm? To save someone who hates us? Jesus did.

The fourth sorrowful mystery is the Carrying of the Cross.  After being physically and verbally abused, Jesus is forced to carry his cross to the site of execution. Physically and emotionally drained, he needs help from a passer-by to carry the heavy load.  The cross is heavy with our sins, We can help Jesus to carry that cross by trying not to sin and asking for forgiveness when we do.

The fifth and final sorrowful mystery is the Crucifixion. Jesus died for all of mankind. Do we remember to thank him daily for this gift? He has paid our debt, but do we continue to gather new debts? Do we forgive others as he did from the cross?

Scripture passages for the entire set of mysteries: Mt 26:36-27:56, Mk 14:32-15:39, Lk 22:39-23:49, Jn 18:1-19:37.

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